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Always drink authentically.
Onyx Moonshine and Secret Stash - Craft Spirits Awards
Sips like whiskey. Mixes like vodka. Better than both.
Connecticut's new holiday tradition.
Always drink authentically.
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Proudly made in Connecticut

Our Story

Moonshine has been made in New England since long before Prohibition.
It’s just been kept quiet … until now. We handcraft Onyx Moonshine in small batches using a secret recipe to give a smooth and refined take on an age-old distilling tradition. We’re proud to offer you the world’s first ultra-premium American moonshine—one that sips like a top shelf whiskey and mixes better than vodka.

Cheers! Adam + Pete

Cape Cod Cranberry Moonshine Released

Onyx Spirits releases Cape Cod Cranberry Moonshine.

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Connecticut’s First Whiskey

Onyx Spirits Company has produced Connecticut’s first barrel-aged whiskey.

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Local Moonshiners Challenge Traditional Hiring Practices

Onyx Spirits Co. has teamed with MARC Inc. to employ disabled people.

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Photo: The first official tasting of our #SecretStash Reserve (surrounded by first and second fill bottles… http://t.co/J9c5790MV2
4 days ago
Photo: We are getting ready to release the #OnyxMoonshine #Cocktail Guide! How do you use Onyx in festive… http://t.co/KjzuNk1RIh
5 days ago
Photo: One of our Official Bottling Elves, Christian, rescued a dog and named him #Onyx. Welcome to the… http://t.co/lk8Cufqt1f
1 week ago

Onyx Shining Tea

A deliciously simple classic summer moonshine cocktail. view recipe